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Amanda J Gordon- Yoga Classes and Reiki in Liverpool


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Please click on the links above to find out more about Yoga Classes and Reiki Healing in South Liverpool.

Each page has been designed to give more detail around each area. However, if there are questions I have left unanswered about Yoga classes or Reiki Healing sessions, please phone or email me using the details above and I will always do my best to help.

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Yoga Classes Liverpool


Looking for small group Yoga Classes in Liverpool? I offer small group Yoga Lessons or semi-private yoga sessions in my bepsoke-designed Yoga studio.


Reiki Liverpool


As a fully qualified Reiki Master, I offer Reiki Sessions in a private and comfortable setting in Allerton in South Liverpool. Designed to aid the body's natural healing, Reiki is a very relaxing experience which is becoming widely recognised as an effective way to promote well-being.



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